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The Amazing Gospel Souls, a gospel band that was conceived inside the notorious Lorton, V.A. prison system in the early 1980s and is comprised entirely of ex-offenders from the Washington, D.C. area, that have collectively served well over 200 years in correctional facilities. The group’s founders, Evangelist Evangelist Kevin Petty, Minister Calvin Gorham, Daniel Wilkerson, Melvin Tuten, Edward "Brick" Bright and Pastor Walter McCullough, Jr. envisioned the group as “a beacon of light for God’s purposes for the men and women behind the prison walls” as well as “advancing God’s gospel and purpose throughout their city.” Known for their rousing performances, the Amazing Gospel Souls often perform at the request of many churches and community organizations throughout the United States. These men who are former R & B singers and musicians of the 70's and who also became “bad-boys’ in the DC area are excited about using their skills for God and community. They hope to serve as an example that, no matter how great your sins, through the love of God, you can redeem yourself and become a productive member of society again. By mentoring and sharing their testimonies with the youth, they also hope to prevent thousands of our children from becoming future offenders.

They believe that it is God's redeeming power in the human experience that often precipitates major change for people in need. We're reminded that God often uses flawed souls to do amazing things for his purpose. These men and women of the Amazing Gospel Souls who are former flawed souls themselves but have now been redeemed and reshaped for God's purpose, are now on the front-line of providing comprehensive services and care to the poor and under-served in their communities. Major change is coming for people in need and their on the front-line serving just as God planned it. Today they are more than musicians but also teachers, counselors, mentors, and advocates for the lost and the down-trodden. It's so encouraging and inspiring.