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Kevin was a typical 8-year old in 1965 with typical dreams and aspirations of becoming the lead singer of his very own popular singing group, similar to his idol Little Anthony of the internationally acclaimed R&B singing group; Little Anthony & the Imperials. The odds of a ghetto kid like Kevin meeting the same Little Anthony he saw on the Ed Sullivan Show was slim to none because stars like that rarely came to places like the slums of Newark, NJ and if they did his family didn’t have the resources to afford him to go. So, he attached his “dream wagon” to Barry Gibson & the Carstairs, a very popular neighborhood singing group known for dominating all their competition in the city-wide talent shows. Barry, who grew to admire young Kevin and his ability to learn so quick and began to teach him the art to being a lead singer like Little Anthony. Only behind the scenes Barry Gibson & the Carstairs were also junkies and alcoholics and helped Kevin develop an appetite for “getting high”. He was an 8-year-old kid chasing his young dream to be an R&B singer when Barry skin-popped him with his first hit of heroin. His appetite for “getting high” paralleled his growth in singing and performing and eventually the addiction pushed his dream to the side and his life spiraled out of control. Before it was over he had spent, at least, 35 years of life in prison, uneducated, lost with no future. It was in the D.C. prison system at Lorton, VA. where God finally prepared a safe place for him, away from the enemy, a place to grow and find his humanity again. God created a singing group in the Lorton prison where Kevin could once again chase his dream but only this time it would be in the service to Him. So, He created the Amazing Gospel Souls, a singing that would also become a ministry inside the prison from which to save other lost souls. What an awesome GOD He is. But little did we know that God was not through with us and he had larger plans for AGS that would lead us to forming a ministry that served the prison population and now a community organization providing services to other poor and underserved souls. We often like to recognize and acknowledge the redeeming nature having once lost souls that were in the grip of the enemy and destined for destruction through drug addiction, the diabolical scheme of mass incarceration targeted to a specific culture, and mis-educated children of that specific culture, and now providing much needed services to the poor and underserved souls. Snatching victory out of jaws of the enemy and redeeming God’s promise for His people. The Amazing Gospel Souls, Inc. seeks to serve the poor and underserved of Washington, DC by providing assistance towards hunger, addiction, mentoring, counseling, and workforce development training. We don’t mean to elude that we are providing these services on our own but we take pride in the collaborative efforts we have with so many other community organizations too numerous to mention here.


We hope you will join us in our effort to care for our people thus pleasing our God.

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