The Amazing Gospel Souls Inc. through their Philemon Mission Peer Outreach Training Program believe the surest way to ensure services & care is delivered to poor and underserved communities in the District of Columbia is through trained peer outreach specialist with changed hearts. We're changing the game.

Our Peer Outreach Warriors realize that our aim is to help others like ourselves live balance lives and helping them recognize that balanced living is normal. Living a balanced life… has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? A meaningful life is one that is in balance, one in which adequate time is given to the activities that express your values and priorities.  No matter what those values may be, many of us do not live our life in balance, or in a manner that consistently sustains the things we value most. 

Balanced Living Pie

It’s important to note that achieving a balanced lifestyle is just like the other points in our outreach & engagement model, no magic involved and it takes some work to accomplish. Many of our other outreach & engagement tools can be helpful and utilized in our quest to achieving and living a balanced life for our clients. Our outreach & engagement tools aren’t just to develop recovery skills—there are many who refer to them as being life skills for a balanced life.