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Apr 11, 2022
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With email marketing and direct marketing, you want to be sensitive, and granular. Get into the nitty-gritty, strategic marketing. It is not time for playing aside particularly in Buy Email Database today's Economy when crisis is driving us nuts and people are not tracking their business activities like this is normal. You are not running a common business, Your clients are not common (but special), and your marketing should not be common (but remarkable). Direct marketing has been used for hundred of years by mail Buy Email Database order catalog companies to sell their magazine subscriptions, products Buy Email Database and services. It is an old approach, yet, email marketers are still overlooking it, and running their business like email is something new. It is a new platform, but it is based on the same old direct marketing principles. Brands and companies who are trying to reinvent email and not take into account direct marketing fundamentals are shooting in dark. Because direct marketing is here to stay for as long as people will buy from other people and companies that they like, know and trust.


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