Philemon Mission

The primary goals of this 30-bed transitional facility are to provide temporary housing and comprehensive support services and community intervention for returning citizens and other poor and under-served DC citizens and their families in need of comprehensive care, assistance and training, which will include, substance, mental health, and behavioral health screening and counseling, job training and placement, as well as, improved relations with family and community with the aim towards independent and productive living.





Ministry ​

The Amazing Gospel Souls and its musical ministry have been an inspiration to all it encounters for the past 38 years. Their musical talents and their testimonies have blessed the souls of thousands when they've visited the hundreds of churches and community organizations. Also they are proud to be in partnership with government entities like the Office of the U.S. Attorney, CSOSA, and more. Inspiring these agencies to work with ex-offenders to find solutions to community problems.



The Calico Project is a conceptual plan to aggressively address community-police relations in poor and under-served communities in Washington, DC. Community Police Officers, Community Activist, and selected youth Activist will form a working group designed to identify barriers to effective community policing and community-police relations.





Oftentimes, the training in workforce development is paramount to success in the job market. Amazing Gospel Souls training in soft-skills and professional training is vital to getting an under-served community back to work.



On my Shoulders

Is a comprehensive mentoring program aimed at young men and women in need of guidance and inspiration. With a healthy belief in the power of God, the On my Shoulders project is designed with the core belief that, "each one teach one", in an effort to usurp errant behavior among our young.




Counseling is a vital service in poor communities so the Amazing Gospel Souls provides some forms of clinical and social, and legal counseling.

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